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Thursday, 12 August 2010

You've gotta have the patter...

Back in the bygone days. Back when I had a social life that didn't require me to complete an application form in triplicate and schedule around kid's birthday parties, swimming lessons and the like - I used to frequent the University Union with @D0ppelganger and play pool. We were the dugs baws. At least, in our own heads we were.....

We weren't all that bad to be fair. We had our moments of inspiration, and we could give most casual players a run for their money. You see, what we used to say was... "you've gotta have the patter".

Roughly translated that means you've gotta have confidence and belief. Belief that you can be the best at something, in order to actually stand any chance of realising it. Its that wee touch of arrogance to try something that is seemingly impossible, or beyond what could reasonably done by someone of your skill and ability.

I used to take it to extreme lengths and it was something of a standing joke. Golf, cricket, left-handed tidlywinks, crochet, sheet metalwork - you name it and I reckoned I could be really good at it given enough practice. And what's more, I reckon I could be better than you at it!

The arrogance of youth one might say, but I'm 29 now and still pretty much feel the same way about a lot of things. The difference now is that I know better my limitations and can suppress the arrogant self-confidence when it spills over. That said, I'm shit at blogging. I've made a handful of contributions to this fine organ, but not nearly enough. I've come to the conclusion I am over analysing things and trying to blog about stuff that doesn't come easily to me.

So, its time to discover my inner blogging patter! No more lame excuses to @D0ppelganger to say that the guinea pig has eaten my laptop's power cable. No more procrastination. I plan to blog any old shit, as and when it comes into my head.

You have been warned.