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Friday, 27 August 2010

Choosing the best phone: Waiting for the next big thing...

My G1 gadget Pain has been recently helped by the fact that, unknown to me it was still under guarantee! So the good people at T-Mobile have taken it away to their Bunsen burner filled laboratories to tinker with it and once again give life to the little Android that could.
Another miracle however has landed, my contract is up for renewal which means I'm due a new phone!

But which one??...

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Subliminal Disaster Mongering

In support of 'posting any old shit' what's with the Emergency Exit Sign?!?

In the event of an emergency, important safety folk always encourage you to leave in a calm and orderly fashion right??
Yet Mr Emergency Exit man can clearly be seen sprinting for the exit on many variations of said signage.

Accidental mixed message or secret subliminal disaster mongering??

You decide


You've gotta have the patter...

Back in the bygone days. Back when I had a social life that didn't require me to complete an application form in triplicate and schedule around kid's birthday parties, swimming lessons and the like - I used to frequent the University Union with @D0ppelganger and play pool. We were the dugs baws. At least, in our own heads we were.....

Firefox 4 beta 3 Initial Impressions *UPDATED*

With Firefox 3.6 causing my leg to burn from the heat of my overtaxed laptop with all the seemingly random CPU usage, and Chrome leaving beta on the mac, I was quite happy to avoid Firefox 4 entirely. However with Chrome starting to misbehave and even starting to hog my CPU I once again got restless and started looking for another browser.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Wave goodbye to Google Wave...

It was like email but better, no kinda like IM but more wait it's like Docs but more more collaborative...fuck it, today the best software in the world that nobody really understood has been laid to rest. 
That's right Google's undefined game changing dooda, Google Wave has been given until the end of the year to vacate Mountain View

However fret not Wave lover! Some of the technology for yanno, making email more powerful and more awesome is open source so will presumably be revolutionising the way we think and underwhelming us at the same time in some open source experiment sometime soon.

Still not sure what Wave was? Have a look at the best explanation we could find HERE 

So long brother, we hardly knew you mate...


Source: [The Google Blog]

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Youtube having problems on Chrome?

So after finally feeling like Chrome was all stable and worthy of a full time move away from Firefox, I find myself increasingly frustrated with Chromes performance.