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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Google Instant: Wasting my time

I don't get the need for Google latest search innovation 'Instant'
The idea goes that Google can predict what you are looking for before you have finished typing it, saving you valuable seconds and sparing you the trauma of hitting the return key.

Assuming that was a noble cause, I don't think it works.

Sure it does start it's guesswork as you type and yeah at first I was kinda impressed with the magic spewing out on to my browser, but then it just started to annoy me.
I don't touch type, so as I'm staring at my keyboard typing my search, I notice 'Instant' in my peripheral vision and am reminded "oh yeah that Instant thing is predicting my future lets have a look and see if it got it right"
It never has at that stage.
So I type a letter and gaze at the predictions, then another and then another,eventually it gets it a few key strokes before I normally would have stopped. Huzzah!
Then comes the 'Instant' games. " I wonder what it will think I'm searching for if I just type 'a', what about 'b' , 'c'? Then quickly it doesn't really seem that clever.
Not only have I wasted time and forgotten what I was searching for in the first place but I've been exposed to 'Instant' advertising with Argos, BBC, Currys, Debenhams, Ebay and Facebook.

Then I find myself being mocked by my muscle memory.
I start typing my search and just as I notice it on the screen I hit enter.
I was so close that time, must remember next time to not press enter.
Hey I wonder what it will think I'm searching for if I just type 'se'....

Yup you guessed it, Selfridges!


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