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Sunday, 24 January 2010

And so it begins.......

Hello, I am said Welsh contributor and like Doppelganger I too imagine that the entire internet is eager to hear my thoughts on what's great and what's not in the world of tech. So join me dear readers in what I'm sure is the start of a very fulfilling relationship.
Just take your shoes off first..

I have to admit that my obsession for technology stems from my Mum. While growing up my mum would bring home "the next big thing" in kitchen and bathroom gadgets. These gadgets would be akin to the very charming but useless tat that was invented by the young guys dad in Gremlins. Although these gadgets were far from perfect, they fascinated me no end. But it was when I was at my first job working for an electronics store that catapulted me into the tech of the now. This was a relationship that would continue and go on to obliterate my credit rating as i attempted to keep up with the latest gear.

It started with a Sony Minidisc Hifi. It would whisper to me across the shop floor, as I would unpack a another boring Hoover vacuum cleaner for display which had just arrived on delivery. (they were really horrible things, but one man changed my view on vacuum cleaners forever, but that's for another post). My work colleagues would always say "if you want it, just buy it". Part time warehouse wages however, didn't stretch that far. That's when one of the guys would say those magic words that have haunted me ever since. " buy it on interest free credit". So I did. And the rest is history which I'm sure I will regurgitate in detail in future posts.
I vividly remember my mums face when she picked my up that night, standing outside the store with my new purchase. Her lectured words of financial warnings sifted in and out of my ears while I carefully wedged the box into to boot of the car. An array of tech followed along with an array of monthly direct debits to pay for them all.

I'm currently working for a well known CE company which provide my gadget fix. Monthly bills for tech have now been replaced by staff sale bargains and freebies.
Technology it seems, is finally paying me back!!

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