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Friday, 22 January 2010

Illusion is the first of all pleasures...


Welcome to Digital Aneurysm,

Welcome to an outlet for a technology starved enthusiast...

Having worked as a trainer in Consumer Electronics for a long time I got to see lots of cool stuff before it was announced, got to play with all the latest gear and generally had a real excuse to keep up with all the tech news.
So when i lost my job early last year and moved in to a very different industry I found myself missing the tech talk and generally finding less excuses to embrace my inner geek!
So I've kept up to date, reading all the gadget blogs, occasionally forcing my friends to have in-depth conversations about which Mobile OS is the best or which browser was the fastest until finally I decided I needed a more rewarding outlet and thus Digital Aneurysm was born!
Of course whether or not this ends up being more 'rewarding' remains to be seen. I like the romantic thought that the whole internet is on tender hooks, waiting to hear about my thoughts on the next iphone, to hear about my most memorable gadgets and wanting my opinions and random musings on the latest technology, however as so many bloggers out there know, this is far from reality.
Sure I may end up writing, reading and commenting on this stuff myself and I'm quite sure I'll obsess for a time over the Google Analytics, pondering what brought that unique visitor to see us and why he didn't come back. However for now I am happy with the thought of getting an excuse to sound off about why I love technology and why it also drives me crazy.

There is of course another contributor to this fine blog, someone who is still very much in the C.E. industry and despite being Welsh is actually quite informed on the technology front, but I'll let him introduce himself.

For now, enjoy the blog and stay tuned internet, my ramblings are endless!
(unless i get bored and never post again!)


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