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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Safari 5: Initial Impressions

Another day, another browser update, another reason the Browser War is back on!
After a few hours of playing around with Apples latest browser, Safari 5, I have to say I'm pretty impressed....

Safari has always been quick (at least on Mac) and as a standalone browser was a great choice. However with no real extensions platform I moved on to Firefox and more recently Chrome to get my customisation fix. With Safari 5, that void is finally being addressed with Safari extensions, which should mean my favourite extensions could be making its way to Apple browser shortly.
However at the moment thats not whats impressing me.

One of Safari 5's new features is 'Safari Reader'. Safari Reader is a function that detects articles on a webpage and with one click does away with any distractions and presents just the text and images relevant to the article. Not only that but it detects if the article you are reading has multiple pages and collates them all together allowing a very comfortable read. This is particularly good when reading reviews with multiple pages like the Reghardware site below.

Safari 5 Normal view

Safari Reader view with all 5 pages of the review

I really do love this feature, however it's probably not enough to bring me back to Safari just yet. Until I get a decent extensions library, I'll be sticking with Firefox and Chrome for now. However given the noticeable speed of Safari 5, the awesome Safari Reader view and the inevitable extensions, it seems like  just a matter of time.


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