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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Steve Jobs at D8 Conference: Reality Distortion Field to Max Strength

The All Things Digital 8 conference is happening at the moment and last night Apple CEO Steve Jobs was interviewed.
His famous 'Reality Distortion Field' has never seemed so strong as by the end of it i found myself no longer wanting a Google TV , not caring about Flash on my phone and really wanting a Jesus Phone. He is clearly a skilled presenter and a cunning linguist.
Check the videos out for yourself....must resist urge to buy all things Apple.

Steve on the Evolution of the iPad:

Steve on Apple TV and Set Top Boxes:

Steve on Google:

Steve on Flash:

Steve on iAd's (it's quite funny I promise)

Steve on that missing iPhone:

And a Brucy's Bonus A video from D5 with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates being interviewed together. This is just a highlight real, you should really watch the whole thing.


[Source: All things Digital]

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