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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Google Chrome for Mac and Linux leaves beta

The title Pretty much says it all, Google Chrome for Mac and Linux has left beta and I have to say I'm pretty happy.

I used Chrome for about 3 months when it first came out in beta for Mac and was instantly blown away by the speed. More importantly for me it didn't use anywhere near the resources Firefox uses, however even when features like the bookmark manager and extensions started to appear, it still felt very much like a beta release (even for Google)
Eventually the speed couldn't save it and I went back to Firefox.
Funnily enough today as my leg was cooking with the seemingly random 98% CPU usage in Firefox I loaded up Opera and then Safari.
10 mins of browsing later fate steps in and I find out that Chrome has left beta.
I have to say so far so good.
With Chrome looking so good and Firefox becoming a serious CPU hog, Mozilla will really need to step up its game if it doesn't want to be beaten to 30% market share by Google.


Source [The Google Blog]

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