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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Facebook security causing trouble for Opera Mini?

It seems facebook doesn't play well with Opera mini, at least at first.
A security feature from facebook which locks out your account on mobile devices if it detects 'an unfamiliar location' and directs you to a desktop browser to prove your identity is causing problems on the mobile browser. This security feature is all fine and well, even quite prudent, however one of Opera Mini's selling points is it's server side decoding and compression of webpages. This of course results in the above image stating i was kicking it on facebook in Norway (Opera are Norwegian)
It seems that after verifying Norway as a 'familiar' location the two services co-exist peacefully now, however I'm not sure to what extent facebook would have locked down my account, if (like most people) I hadn't known about Opera's server side compression.
With the current uptake of Opera Mini at the moment, i suspect many users are being locked out of their facebook accounts, hopefully to no greater extent than I was.



  1. Ah thanks, I guess I should have read the Ts&Cs more carefully. I wonder if they do anything else with the data if it's all rerouted through Norway...?!

  2. They say of course they don't with regards to storing private data. However as a lot of websites become location aware, local searching on google or security on facebook for example, will take a hit when everything is routed through Norway.

  3. I have had a similar notification from Facebook regarding access from Florida and use Opera Mini on my mobile. Do you know if Opera have servers in Florida?