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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Google I/O Day Two: Froyo

Didn't I tell you day 2 would be better??

Ok First up Froyo, What's new?:

Flash: It runs flash and it runs it well. Also support for Adobe Air

Speed: Google claims that in app performance is improved 2 - 5 fold. As expected this is down to the new JIT compiler. It's great to see this kind of improvement as the core experience can so often be overlooked in favour of shiny UI implementations. This is a big win if it lives up to the claims (and early indications look promising)

Cloud to device messaging: This is a really cool feature that essentially enables you to remote manage content on your phone. For example sending google directions from the your desktop browser to your phone or simply sending an article you are reading to your handset so you can finish the article later. Pretty nice.

A Web Client!: Browse the market on your desktop browser, log in to your google account and push applications to your handset. Browsing the market, just got a whole lot easier!

An update all button!: Another feature on the Froyo wish list and it's funny to hear that even Google is "kind of embarrassed you're clapping to that." Automatic updates are also a checklist click away

Wifi Tethering/Mobile Hotspot: Exactly what it says on the tin, with the flick of a switch your mobile phone becomes a mobile wifi hotspot that your laptop can connect to. Such a simple feature yet very powerful and now no need to root my G1! I really hope the Mobile networks don't interfere with this feature.

Applications to SD: Hallelujah, another area Google should be embarrassed for receiving applause.

Fastest Mobile Browser: Using Chrome's V8 Javascript engine, Google is claiming under Froyo that Android has the fastest mobile browser. Still no Chrome branding or killer UI features, but speed is nice right?

I have to say that's a pretty nice feature list for Google's latest OS

Other Features:
  • App data backup:
  • Improved Enterprise / Exchange Support
  • Push services - "Android Intent"
  • New functionality in browser- Camera, orientation, geolocation
  • Search the Android Marketplace directly from Quick Search
  • The ability to purchase music from Android Marketplace
  • The ability to stream your own music from your desktop
I have to say that's a pretty nice feature list for Google's latest OS. The only thing missing from our wishlist is a plan to control the fragmentation problem. 

However with that said I'm pretty stoked.


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