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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Google I/O Day One: It's all about Day Two

So Google IO has kicked off and day 1 is a little disappointing, here's the rundown:

  • Google Wave goes public, dozens rejoice.
  • Latitude get's an API: Gets serious about location
  • Google Buzz also gets an API, Seesmic and TweetDeck integration imminent.
  • Google opens up the VP8 codec in the form of 'WebM' for 'truly open' web video, h.264 & Flash cry.
  • HTML5 mass adoption cements future of internet salvation
  • Chrome Web Store (for chrome) opens it's doors in dev channel, destined for Android convergence...maybe
  • And according to Larry Page, if your Android device isn't lasting a full day then there's "something wrong"
Yes it all points to a friendly open web, where we can all hold hands and talk about how great life is when we all work together, however it isn't quite as exciting as the rumoured Google T.V. and Android's latest release Froyo.
It seems the shop stoppers will definitely be making an appearance tomorrow, however for now you can watch the opening days keynote here.


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