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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Yahoo in denial that Google Owns my Soul

Yahoo spent $85M dollars on this ad campaign, man someone should have really told them about iGoogle
They also mock the fact that you go to Google's minimalist homepage 'so you can leave' which to be honest is exactly what I want from a search engine, one that knows exactly what it is without trying to be everything at once. Yahoo by contrast is saturated with information and intrusive flash advertisements.
If however information overload is your thing, iGoogle at least isn't littered with annoying flash ad's and is completely customisable.
Yahoo seems to really be on the offensive at the moment (at least in theory) as the CEO Carol Bartz recently criticized Google for 'only being known for search'
Sure google is synonymous with search, but it seems like every day Google is releasing something new.
When you consider:
  • Google Doc's
  • Google Maps
  • Gmail
  • Wave
  • This Blog
  • Chrome
  • Android
Not to mention future initiatives like Google TV, Chrome OS and Recorded Future, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a part of my life that Google isn't in.



  1. Hmmmmm Reader, YouTube, Analytics, Blogger, Docs, iGoogle and Mail.

    Don't know about you but I really don't care how hip and crazy or how not-so-hip and crazy the google campus may or may not be to work on I just know that their stuff works, it works well and most other people I know will be using the same stuff as me.

    This is worrying when it comes to things like who owns your identity and the problem one has with monopolies on services. But then I don't want to be one of those tech-heads who triple encrypts every image they use. Any ideas?

  2. I take solace in the fact I'm not important enough for my documents or images to be of any value.
    I also think that Google's form of Monopoly hasn't been due to crushing opposition or at the expense of choice, in my opinion it has generally been because their stuff works better.
    Obviously Yahoo is trying to fight back and now has the support of the original monopolistic tyrant Microsoft. All the digital markets are merging and the big players are fighting for control. Apple are making phones and handheld gaming devices, Microsoft are unifying their services with Office, search, mobile and Xbox Live, HP now own Palm and look set to ditch Windows Phone 7 and Win 7 as a result and Google seems to be lingering in every market. All these services and software are also all converging in to the one device to rule them all, the future is very much mobile. What's next, a Nintendo Cell platform??